Thursday, September 20, 2007

All You Need To Know

If you're one of the many who's just jumped aboard The Sarah Jane Adventures bandwagon, having seen adverts on CBBC and all the news coverage, then welcome to; a fansite created way back in August 2006 to cover all the latest news on Doctor Who's latest spin-off series. If you're looking for background information on the series then visit this wikipedia page, or the Radio Times' brand spanking new synopsis page.

Last December the SJA official site went live, and fans relished the chance to explore Sarah Jane Smith's world in more detail. Well, British fans did at least. Fans from outside the United Kingdom were blocked from accessing the site - meaning they couldn't access the exclusive video content and games. Now though, following the recent revamp, the site has been opened up to allow readers from elsewhere around the globe to access the site. So, if you're outside of the UK and haven't yet visited the site, get there right now!

In other news, the long standing Doctor Who fan fiction site "Teaspoon and an Open Mind" has created a section for new, fan written Sarah Jane Adventures! If you're a budding writer and want to create a new adventure for Sarah Jane and her team, one that will be put online for anybody to read, then this is the chance of a lifetime for you! Visit here for more details.

There's also a new 'field report' site out there - "Sonic Lipstick" - dedicated to all things SJA. The Livejournal Community scowers the internet every day for all the latest news on the series. It's in the same vein as the already popular "Who Daily" and "Torchwood_three" newsletters. I've added it to my favourites list already - let's hope it'll serve us Smithies well over the coming weeks! Thanks to the new 'zine for supporting

Finally, don't forget to join our new Facebook group, dot/TV. It covers both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, and offers readers the chance to discuss their favourite elements in a handy discussion board. Sign up and join up now!
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