Thursday, September 20, 2007

It all started here...

The Time Warrior
(my first memory of Doctor Who)

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With all the excitement of the new series starting this Monday, I thought I'd take a moment and reminisce how it all got started...

The story was our first introduction to the Sontaran race, and one Sarah Jane Smith - a bold, ballsy, smart young reporter with alot of spunk.

Back in the day I really loved this story, and I think it's a great introduction to Sarah's character. One of my favorite scenes is when she comes out of the Tardis for the first time, only slightly fazed, and immediately looks for a telephone!

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At first she distrusts the Doctor, (she suspects him of being behind the disappearence of the scientists from the research center) and impresses not only the women but the men of Sir Edward's court when she hatches a plan to capture the Doctor.
Although the plan was successful, she soon learns that she might have been mistaken in assuming the Doctor was behind the dissappearing scientists. Working together, not only do they save the day, but become fast friends as well. (Was I the only one who noticed the child-like delight in their eyes as the Doctor said, "Ah! The battle is about to commence!"?)
Not only that, but she was willing to risk her life to save the Doctor!

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Sarah Jane to the rescue!!
A couple of fan-girl facts:
-I have always said that the Sontarans reminded me of deformed Mr. Potato Heads. Imagine my delight while watching one of the extras from the Sontaran Experiment and hearing one of the stand-ins for Kevin Lindsay say the same thing! Ha! I'm not the only one! ;)

-This was my very first episode of Doctor Who. I was nearly 3 at the time, and the strongest memory I have of this episode was the scene where Sarah is introduced to the Doctor. I don't know what it was about her way back then, but those first few scenes left a lasting impression on me, and she has always been my favorite companion.
"The Time Warrior" is available to buy on DVD now!
Screen caps used with kind permission from Llin (Thank you!!)
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