Monday, September 24, 2007

Look Out... K9's About!

It looks like the 1981 Doctor Who spin-off episode "K9 and Company" is to be released on DVD sometime next year - if this news item is to be believed. The adventure was the first in a supposed series revolving around John Leeson's robot dog K9, as well as Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith. The series never materialised though - and it was to be a further 25 years after "K9 and Company" that Lis Sladen would see her own spin-off series on the screen.


In other news, there's a 'Davros' boxset coming out from 2 Entertain at the end of the year. The set features all the previously released Davros titles (including Sladen's appearence in "Genesis of the Daleks") as well as the soon to be released "Destiny of the Daleks". Oh, and a bundle of Big Finish audio plays too.

"Genesis..." is considered by many to be the peak of classic series Doctor Who adventures. It features arguably the most loved Doctor (Tom Baker) with two of the show's best known companions - Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan. You can pick up this exclusive boxset in November, priced at an RRP of £99.99 (it's selling for cheaper online).

There's a few other rumoured SJS titles for next year, but nothing has been confirmed. Some say that a "Revenge of the Cybermen" / "Terror of the Zygons" twin-pack looks likely. Others believe that we'll see a remastered edition of "The Five Doctors" (complete with extras this time!). The only way to be sure of anything, however, is to sit back and wait for official news.

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