Saturday, October 20, 2007

Comeback Queen!

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine features an extensive eight page interview with Elisabeth Sladen and the rest of the SJA team, as well as featuring a look back at the life of Sarah Jane Smith and the numerous comebacks she's made across the years - from 1981's "K9 and Company" to 1995's "Downtime" and 2005's "School Reunion"...

"Oh, I was so lucky. Stories like Genesis [of the Daleks] I'm amazed that we managed to do that one as we did. It's a great one, with a fantastic moral dilemma. There's also the odd story which I think people don't talk about enough. For instance, "Death to the Daleks", the first Dalek story I did. I've never really spoken about it, but it's an amazingly well-pieced-together story, and could perhaps do with being re-evaluated."

Asked if Sarah Jane will ever "get it off" with Alan Jackson:

"I think Chrissie would kill her! But no, not a bat in hell's chance. That would be cradle snatching! But I think a lot of other people would like to get off with Alan!"

Is Lis happy that K9 isn't a regular feature of the SJA? "I have to put the flags out there, hold my hands up and say yes [laughs]. It's an inanimate object which is sometimes really difficult to put some energy into..." I guess you've just made Mr. Smith's day...

There's also a small-ish chat with Yasmin Paige, and a 30th birthday celebration for K9! Oh, and Colin Teague talks about filming the forthcoming Pompeii episode of Doctor Who's fourth season.

Doctor Who Magazine issue 388 is out now priced £3.99
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