Monday, October 22, 2007

Halfway Through

When "Warriors of Kudlax - Part One" finishes this evening, we're halfway through the first series of "The Sarah Jane Adventure". Notice how I said 'first series' there, because this show isn't going anywhere. Lis Sladen herself has revealled that the writers are busy with script's for next year, and the studio sets are still standing waiting to be used in Upper Boat. Surely a confirmation for a 2008 series can only be days or weeks away?


In other news you can see the cover for next month's Doctor Who Magazine above. Not only does it feature another extensive behind the scenes article on the SJA but it also explores this year's Children in Need Doctor Who special - starring both David Tennant and Peter Davison! The episode is written by Steven Moffat, and is titled "Time Crash". 24 years on from "The Five Doctors" I wonder how the Fifth Doctor will react to see a future self...?

Also, the CBBC Channel today aired the first compilations of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Both Revenge of the Slitheen and Eye of the Gorgon were repeated as one whole hour long episodes earlier today, at around 12 noon. I'm told that these extended repeats will continue during the remainder of the series run, and throughout 2008.
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