Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mr. Potato Heads

Doctor Who Magazine's Facebook group has been updated, with the cover for issue 388 - which hits shelves on October18th. The new issue features an exclusive interview with Elisabeth Sladen, who talks about her role in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Oh, and there's a 30th birthday celebration for K9 too. Wonder if he'll be blowing out any birthday cakes?!


Any readers with avid eyes will notice that the above cover also seems to indicate that (highlight for spoilers) the Sontarans will be returning. It's not known if this will take place in Doctor Who, Torchwood or Sarah-Jane - but an appearence in Doctor Who is most likely. Readers who know their 'Who history will be well aware of Sarah Jane's connection to the said spoiler...

In other news, "Revenge of the Slitheen - Part Two" secured 1.1 million viewers on BBC One yesterday, whereas the premiere of "Eye of the Gorgon - Part One" had 0.2 million people watching over on the CBBC Channel. The Audience Appreciation for last week's first episode was an average of 79.

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