Sunday, November 11, 2007

Book Worm

It's kinda depressing, because there's not an awful lot to talk about with regards to "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Since the series proper started airing back in September there's been very little news at all; cept for what I've been able to scramble together from overnight ratings and such. It's a shame, because the series is so fantastic and wonderfully made. I just wish there was more news with which to promote the show!

Anyhoo, the first four SJA novelisations went on sale at the start of the month, and you can see pretty pictures of three of their covers below.
"Invasion of the Bane" (Terrance Dicks)

"Eye of the Gorgon" (Phil Ford)

"Warriors of Kudlak" (Gary Russell)

The books are quite interesting and feature all sorts of typos (just like the Target novels for the original series often did!). One avid reader has noted that in Dick's "Bane" adaptation, Maria is mistakenly referred to as "Martha" at one point. Oops!

In other news, the toy chain Toys 'R Us are now beginning to sell the first SJA toys in Character Options' new range. Quick, get those Sonic Lipsticks before they're all gone!

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