Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Mere Pretender

Firstly, just how great was "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?" Considering that this series was pitched for children, that story had a hell of a lot of balls. And the Graske were back too (the icing on the cake!). Part Two of the adventure, which aired on BBC One yesterday, garnered 1.1 million viewers - 8% of the available television audience.

The figures are so good that the episode beat ITV 1's new Chris Tarrant vehicle, "The Great Pretender", by 100,000 viewers. That show only managed to draw in one million viewers, meaning that Sarah Jane Smith retains her crown as Queen of the 5pm slot!

Over on the CBBC Channel part one of "The Lost Boy" had 0.29 million viewers watching.

And what an episode that was too...
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