Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Canadian Maple

Thanks to BenjaminElliot over on the Doctor Who Forum we now know that Canada will be showing the full series of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" next year. That's right folks, from next January Canada will be able to see the series broadcast weekly on the BBC Kids channel!

Here's a press release sent to Elliot:

On behalf of BBC Kids, I'm thrilled to announce that the "The Sarah Jane Adventures" are coming to Canada on BBC Kids!

Beginning with the broadcast of the hour-long pilot "Invasion Of The Bane" on Sunday, January 13th at 9:00pm ET (with an encore presentation at 4:00am), BBC Kids will run 2 half-hour episodes back to back every Sunday at 9:00pm and 4:00am ET thereafter.

The schedule is as follows:
Sunday, January 12 - Invasion of the Bane (1 x 1 hour) - 9:00pm / 4:00am ET
Sunday, January 19 - Revenge of the Slitheen (2 x 30 minutes) - 9:00pm / 4:00am ET
Sunday, January 26 - Eye of the Gorgon (2 x 30 minutes) - 9:00pm / 4:00am ET
Sunday, February 2 - Warriors of Kudlak (2 x 30 minutes) - 9:00pm / 4:00am ET
Sunday, February 9 - Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? (2 x 30 minutes) - 9:00pm / 4:00am ET
Sunday, February 16 - The Lost Boy (2 x 30 minutes) - 9:00pm / 4:00am ET

Also, to celebrate the launch of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" on BBC Kids, we will broadcast each Classic Who Sarah Jane Story every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00am ET beginning Saturday, January 12 with "The Time Warrior". We will show complete stories each night except for 6-part stories which will be spread over 2 nights - 3 episodes per night. Following the run of Sarah Jane's last story, "The Hand of Fear", we will present an encore run of the one-off spin-off "K9 & Company"! It should be noted that BBC Kids does not have the rights to broadcast the classic Who stories "Death To The Daleks" and "Genesis of The Daleks", and as such, these stories will not be broadcast as part of the Sarah Jane Classic Who run.

Please contact me with any questions, and thank you for posting this.

Best, Pete

So there we go; another country has the SJA at last! Not only that, but they'll be repeating some vintage Sarah Jane adventures before hand. What more could you ask for?*

Canada, begin the countdown!

*Well, considering how bad it is, you could ask them not to repeat "K9 and Company"! ;)
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