Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hindsight (Not Required)

Way back in February on this very site we asked readers 20 very important questions about the (then) forthcoming series proper of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Now that the series has finished its 10 week run, it's time to look back and answer those questions. So, how many did you guess correctly?

1: What date will the full SJA series premiere?
Monday September 24th

2: What time slot will the series occupy?
The series aired on BBC One at 5pm, and 5:30 on the CBBC Channel

3: Will the series debut of the CBBC Channel (a la "MIHigh")
New episodes debuted on the channel

4: How many episodes (if any) will K9 appear in?
Just the one ("The Lost Boy - Part Two")

5: The Bane; will they return?
No reappearences (so far) for the Bane...

6: Do you think any "classic series" monsters from Doctor Who will appear?
No classic series monsters appeared, although the Slitheen (from the new series) did return

7: If so, what exactly?
Personally, I would have guessed the Sontarans (there was a fleeting mention)

8: What rating will the first episode achieve?
1.3 Million

9: Will Kelsey appear in the full series?
Kelsey hasn't returned to the series. Small mercies...

10: How many "Doctor Who" references will there be?
Generally, at least one per adventure - pictures in the attic, monster names (the Yeti, Sontarans, etc) and namesacking the Doctor were the most common

11: How many "K9 and Company" references will there be?

12: Will Sarah-Jane have a romance in the series?
Except weekly shouts of "Mr. Smith, I need you!" there was none.

13: Will any other characters form a relationship?
In the finale it's hinted that Alan and Chrissie are back on; they hold hands as the series draws to a close. Apart from that, no. Although don't tell Clyde that. You'd dent his pride.

14: Do you think the series will end on a cliffhanger? If so, what?
No cliffhanger this time...

15: How much coverage will DWM give the series?
Generally one behind the scenes article for each issue released while the series was on the air

16: Will there be any novels?
There were novelisations, and original audio fiction

17: If so, who will write them?
Terrance Dicks, Phil Gladwin, Gary Russell and Rupert Laight

18: Is "Mister Smith" all that he seems?
He's not a computer; he's a very naughty boy!

19: Will there be any crossovers with "Doctor Who" / "Torchwood"?
No crossovers this year - although OutpostGallifrey readers were convinced that the Doctor would show up at some point...

20: Finally, will the series be recommissioned for a second season?
So far, no second series has been commissioned - although it could be, any day now...

So, how well did you score?
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