Monday, November 26, 2007

To Be Continued...?

That, as they so fondly say, is that. "The Sarah Jane Adventures" has now concluded its run on BBC One, and there's still no confirmation on whether a second series is going ahead or not. So, you might ask, what next for everybody's new favourite children's programme?

Well, there's consistent rumours that Elisabeth Sladen will show up at some point during Doctor Who's fourth series, which kicks off next March/April. Apparently (SPOILER WARNING!) Sarah Jane Smith teams up with the Doctor once again, as well as Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness. Whether this budget-breaking storyline is actually going to happen is anybody's guess, but there have been whispers of Lis and Catherine Tate filming together on the streets of Cardiff...

Nevertheless, you can expect two or three SJA DVDs early next year, as the 10 part series proper is released to buy. "Revenge of the Slitheen" and "Eye of the Gorgon" will be bundled together in March, but it's not known if the final three series will be grouped together as a trio, or as two seperate DVDs (two stories on one set, just one story on the last DVD).

I'm told that the entire series (including "Invasion of the Bane") will be grouped together in a series boxset, sometime next year. No news on whether the boxset will simply recycle the already-released bonus features.

There are rumours that a number of "classic" Doctor Who adventures which feature Elisabeth Sladen could be released next year. I've heard that "K9 and Company" is on 2 Entertain's radar, as is a re-release of the 20th anniversary adventure "The Five Doctors". There's speculation that 2008 will see "Revenge of the Cybermen" and "Death to the Daleks" finally made available on the DVD format.

Don't forget that the two new Sarah Jane audios are available to buy now. Written by long term 'Who writers Justin Richards and Stephen Cole, the adventures are narrated by Elisabeth Sladen - and are everything you've come to expect from "The Sarah Jane Adventures"!

There's also four SJA novelisations, out now at book stores like Waterstones, with a further two ("Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?" and "The Lost Boy") set to follow later this year, with Boxing Day looking like a likely release date. They are all RRP £4.99.

Finally, this very website will continue to report all things Sarah Jane Smith, so don't you go anywhere else! If you do, you might just miss official confirmation of a 2008 series (which might, or might not, come sooner than you think...) or the results of the Reader Awards, or lots of other things we've got up our sleeves.

Sarah Jane Smith has left our television screens for another year; but she's still firmly in our hearts.
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