Friday, December 07, 2007

Alas, No Clayton

Last month I reported on the possibility of Clayton Hickman, former editor of Doctor Who Magazine and designer of many of the DVD covers, writing for "The Sarah Jane Adventures" series two. Well, know we have confirmation... that it's not true.

Here's Hickman's own reply to the "news" (Doctor Who Forum):

"Gosh! I've always wanted to be a rumour, and now I am! Hooray!If it is true, though, I know *nothing whatsoever* about it! Which leads me to believe that it isn't true. At all. Otherwise I would be busy at home penning Sarah's catalclysmic confrontation with the Kandyman and the Vervoids, rather than drinking hot chocolate here at Doctor Who Adventures, making a poster of Donna being kidnapped by a Robot Santa.But thanks for the pleasure of being rumoured. I feel special now! ;-)"

Glad we made Clay feel all specialful and appreciated!

Seriously though, as a warning to any future readers who want to email me with information they know obviously isn't true (like was the case here) then don't. I run this site for fun, and in my free time, and I really don't have the time to go reporting what eventually turns out to be a load of old codswallop. Besides, it makes me look stupid.

I know I am stupid, but that's not the point ;)
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