Monday, December 03, 2007

Family Torchwood

If you've not already heard, Torchwood is to be specially edited next year to allow children to watch the show. The sexual references and the swear words will be cut, and the show will air for the first time in a pre-watershed timeslot, a few days after original transmission, on BBC Two. It'll be the first time many children will have been able to watch the show - meaning that, at last, younger viewers have access to all three shows in the NuWhoniverse.

Whilst we're on the topic of Torchwood, Phil Ford - who wrote the SJA stories "Eye of the Gorgon" and "The Lost Boy" - has been confirmed by the BBC Press Office as writing a single episode for Torchwood in 2008. It's thought he replaces Russell T Davies, who was due to write an episode but had to drop out because of his busy Doctor Who schedule.

Fingers crossed Ford isn't too busy to return to "The Sarah Jane Adventures" next year - if there's going to be a next year for the SJA...
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