Monday, December 17, 2007

No True Two

Russell T Davies has ben interviewed by Newsround's web staff, and confirms that although series two of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" is currently being written and planned, it has not be officially confirmed by anybody with the BBC's commissioning team...

"I could not be more pleased by the success of the Sarah Jane Adventures, because frankly it's marvellous, isn't it? We hope it's coming back, we don't know for definite. We're preparing for it. We're writing scripts. Liz [Sladen] is very excited, we're raring to go. So hope and pray that it does return, because I love that show and I think it should run and run."

Meanwhile Davies previews this Christmas' Doctor Who special, "Voyage of the Damned", which features Kylie Minogue as Titanic waitress Astred Peth. It appears that Davies is over the moon with his latest festive slice:

"It is absolutely one of my favourite pieces of work. When we finish it I get a little DVD and I go home with it. I've watched it on my own since then about four times. That's how much I love it. I think it's brilliant."

You can read the full interview, which also discusses the forthcoming cut down family friendly versions of Torchwood, by clicking here.
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