Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two 2 Go

When Julie Gardner steps down from her role as Executive Producer on the three NuWho series, including "The Sarah Jane Adventures", she'll be succeeded by somebody called Piers Wenger - who'll be shadowing Gardner for the next twelve months, helping her run the three NuWho series throughout 2008. As Doctor Who Online comments, work on the SJA series one is now complete; which means that, if the BBC press release is to be believed, a second series of the SJA has now been confirmed!

This follows comments made by Russell T Davies, who appeared on BBC 2 Wales last night. He confirmed that due to high ratings, "The Sarah Jane Adventures" would indeed be returning in 2008. So a second series is go, right?

Well, until an official announcement is made, maybe not. The production team are merely working under the assumption that series two has been commissioned, and until an official announment is made either way, then nothing is entirely confirmed.
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