Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sarah, K9 & Morbius

The BBFC have cleared classic series adventure "The Brain of Morbius" for a DVD release in the UK. The story, first transmitted in 1976, has been rated as a PG. It features the Fourth Doctor and Sarah-Jane Smith, as played by Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen respectively. There's no confirmed date for the release as of yet.

One of the special features cleared for the "Morbius" DVD is a trailer for another forthcoming DVD - a double pack containing "The Invisible Enemy" and "K9 and Company". As fans will already know, "The Invisible Enemy" (1977) features the very first appearence of robot dog k9. Meanwhile, "K9 and Company" was the very first episode of a proposed Sarah-Jane/K9 spin-off that never materialised... well, until the SJA turned up, anyways!

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine also confirms the release of "The Monster of Peledon" on audio CD. The release is read by Elisabeth Sladen, and afterwards there's a bonus interview with the woman herself.

More news as we get it.
*And who said blog writing wasn't educational - I learnt how to spell the word 'invisible' because of this post...
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