Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Site to See...

...or rather, to keep an eye on. ;)

Although the Sarah Jane Adventures isn't due to air until April, SciFi has already set up a site for the show:

Right now, the only content it has is a longer, more detailed version of the press release SciFi issued announcing it acquired both season 4 of Doctor Who and season 1 of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Hopefully it will have some new content soon!

I've always encouraged people to visit the network's site for imports such as SJA and Doctor Who. Even though most of the information will be the same as the CBBC site, it will be presented differently, and you might be surprised to find something new-like a new game or quiz or something. (SciFi's Doctor Who site featured weekly quizes during it's season 3 run.) I also feel that visiting the site will help show SciFi that there is a real interest in the Sarah Jane Adventures!!
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