Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SUNday's Child

All next week the Sun newspaper will be giving away DVDs of some of the best Doctor Who adventures from the last three series - including "School Reunion", which housed the return of Sarah Jane Smith and robot dog K9 to the series! You can grab your copy of "School Reunion" on Saturday - but you'll need a redeemable token, to be taken to Asda, Martin's or McColl stores.

Other stories in the promotion include:

Sunday - "Army of Ghosts"
Monday - "Doomsday"
Tuesday - "Smith and Jones"
Wednesday - "Blink"
Thursday - "Utopia"

As an added incentive, if you order the stories via mail order (at a cost of £4.50) you'll receive a free copy of one of the Sarah Jane Adventures audios.
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