Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Almost time!!!

Is everyone over here in the States as excited as I am? The Sarah Jane Adventures premiere's this Friday on SciFi at 7:30 pm, EST!!

I saw my first promo commercial last Wednesday while watching a rerun of Ghost Hunters on SciFi-since then, I've seen them at least once a day. (Yes, I watch SciFi alot. ;) ). The promos have been short an sweet-nothing like the promos the BBC produced, but they'll do. :) I was hoping that I could find them on SciFi so I could link to them-but I was only able to find the new Doctor Who season promo in there video section.
For those who haven't seen it-it's a montage of scenes from several episodes from the entire series, set to music. (I haven't been able to identify the song, and the writing in the corner of the screen which lists the artist and the song is just a little too small for my eyes-lol.) I think there are three different ones-one with a fake Maria-voice narrating, then two with brief audio clips of Sarah Jane.

SciFi has also updated their Sarah Jane Adventures site: Episode synopses, character profiles, a few images, the forum link. Apparently I'm not the only one slightly baffled by the webmaster's decision to include Chrissie in the character profiles and not Alan.

SJA April Schedule on Scifi (according to SciFi's ScheduleBot) All times Eastern:

Friday, April 11th: 7:30pm, 11pm: Invasion of the Bane
Friday, April 18th: 8:00pm: Revenge of the Slitheen, part 1
Friday, April 25th: 8:00pm: Revenge of the Slitheen, part 2
Friday, April 25th: 8:30pm: Eye of the Gorgon, part 1

When I originally saw the schedule blocks, I was hoping SciFi would do what they seem to do with their original programming: show the previous week's episode first, followed by the next new episode (well, with the exception of Invasion of the Bane).
SciFi has very few programs that are only a half hour long, so I guess it was difficult for them to schedule repeats. (why can't they show the same block after the first showing of BSG and before the second showing of Doctor Who?) Maybe it has something to do with the airing rights, or maybe someone just isn't thinking straight.
At least for now, it looks like we're only going to get one shot at catching the regular season episodes. If you think you're going to miss a Friday, be sure to have your VCRs, DVRs, or TiVo's programmed correctly!!! ;)

Yay, Sarah Jane!!
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