Friday, April 18, 2008

Confessions of a Giddy Fan Girl (review of Invasion of the Bane)

I did not intend for my review to be this late! Oh, well.

Would you believe me if I said I missed the premiere because I locked myself out of the house? Well, it's partly true-when I got home Friday afternoon, I discovered I had left my keys inside, and I had to wait for my Pops to show up with the spare-so I missed the beginning (good thing this episode repeated at 11!) Side note: Automatic-locking doors are great for those who forget to lock the door on their way out...not so good for those who also forget to grab their keys!!

I'll start off with a few technical notes: I love the music for this episode-I probably sound a little crazy, but I think the music had more of a movie-quality to it-as I watched and listened, it was almost as though I was watching a movie, rather than a tv program.

This program has been formatted to fit your tv and edited for the time alotted: Yay, to broadcasting in widescreen! The editing for commericals wasn't too bad in this episode-a bit of dialog here, shortened music phrase there-nothing major from what I could tell. However, we may not be so lucky with the shorter episodes.

I loved Sneaky!Sarah in the beginning-snooping around, just like in 'the old days'-the look on her face when she got caught was priceless. Hurrah for Journalist!Sarah as well-asking lots of questions...much like she did when we were first introduced to her in the Time Warrior. Mrs. Wormwood made an excellent villianess: a sneaky, devious, cunning, and well dressed villianess. :)

The kids-only scenes were just a little too 'Nickelodeon/Disney' for my tastes-but hey, this is geared toward the younger crowd, after all. However, the adults-only (hey! Get your mind out of that gutter right now!!) scenes and scenes with both the kids and the adults more than made up for it. I know this has probably been beatened to death and discussed to no end, but I'll say it anyway: SJA felt more like Classic Who, with Sarah taking on the Doctor-role, and the kids taking on the companion(s)

All in all, an excellent start for a new series. The best comment I heard about the show? My best friend, quietly admitting that she watched and enjoyed it. :-D

The Sarah Jane Adventures are currently airing Fridays on SciFi at 8:00pm, EDT. Be sure to tune in tonight for Revenge of the Slitheen, part 1!
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