Saturday, April 26, 2008

The missing links...

Week 3 of SJA here in the States! How is everyone liking the show so far?

As promised last week, I have a list of (most) of the cuts SciFi made for each episode. (I hope I caught them all!)

Revenge of the Slitheen, part 2
1. The 'previously on' scenes-not that that's a big deal-part 1 only aired a week ago, and when you're pressed for time, why show us what we saw just last week?

2. It seems that the kids were running around the school more than what was shown-Luke meeting up with Maria and Clyde seemed to be snipped. But, as amused as I am by what I refer to as 'running around like the Scooby Gang', when you're pressed for time, I'd rather leave that out!

3. The Family's intial reaction to Sarah and the kids' escape. I think the headmaster mentioned that she had a sonic device, and class 5 planets were not supposed to have that kind of technology yet.

4. When the gang first get back to the Smith's house, Clyde confronts Maria and notices that she's not freaking out after having a run-in with an alien. Maria tells Clyde to go home, but he insists that she show him what's going on, even threatens to go to the police. Maria is hesitant, but eventually gives in.

5. When the Slitheen start to turn the power on all over the world-alot of the extra chatter between family members was snipped.

6.The beginning of the run to school-Clyde asks Sarah how she became involved with aliens.
Clyde: "...did you just go up to the school councelor and say 'I want to work with aliens when I grow up?'"
Sarah: "Not exactly. It's a long story and if we make it I'll be happy to tell you about it later."
(not quoted word for word, I'm afraid-but you get the idea)

7. When the sun goes out, Chrissie runs up to the house, bangs on the door and asks Alan where Maria is. He thinks she at her mate's, and Chrissie complains that the world is at an end, and he doesn't even know where their daughter is!

8. The last cut that I noticed for this episode-near the end-Chrissie tells Maria that alot of strange stuff has been happenning ever since she moved to Bannerman Road, and she thinks it's all because of her, and she (Chrissie) is cursed. LOL. Ah, Chrissie...

Overall, the cuts with part 2 didnt' seem as bad as with part 1. Like I said before-I do not envy SciFi's editing department. On to the next episode!

Eye of the Gorgon, part 1
1. Chrissie comes, uninvited, to Alan and Maria's-just dumps her bags and settles in. She's having a tiff with Ivan, and what's to get away for a while, just so Ivan realizes what he's missing. Alan doesn't seem too thrilled about this, but Maria is first.

2. Maria is doing her homework, and Chrissie walks in to see how she's doing. She asks Maria if she's like to come into town later and they could do some damage to her credit cards. Maria tells her mom that she promised Sarah Jane that she'd go over to her house later. Chrissie is obviously bothered by this, and says she doesn't like Maria hanging around with Sarah and Luke-she thinks they're strange and there's just not something right with Luke. Maria gets upset, Chrissie says she's only trying to protect her, then Maria tells her she doesn't need her protection, and yells at her to get out.

3. Alan comes in to see what's wrong with Maria-Maria tells her dad her mom doesn't want her to see Sarah and Luke anymore. Alan says that Chrissie will be gone in a few days, and then life will be back to normal.
Maria: "You'll mean she'll be back with Ivan."
Alan: "Maria, your mother and me, well, you know that's all over..."
Maria is quite upset with Alan, now too-it's fine that Chrissie and Alan are no longer together, but what about her? Chrissie is still her mother. Maybe she wants Chrissie to get to know her new friends, but she can't because Alan has a bit of paper from the solicitors saying their not a family anymore. The scene ends with Maria storming out of her room. (*whew* That was a rather complicated scene to summarize in a few short lines...)

4. Sarah asks Maria what's wrong, but the clip where Maria says 'Mum came home' was snipped.

5. Mrs. Randall says 'Don't encourage her Miss. Smith' after Sarah tells Bea she agrees with her about the Sontarans.

6. Chrissie and Alan's discussion over Maria's reaction. Alan basically tells Chrissie off for just coming in unannounced, with no regard how her actions would affect him and Maria.
Alan: "This isn't your home. You took our home apart six months ago."

7. The scene where Clyde and Maria initially enter the abbey to search for Luke was chopped a little bit. (where do crazy nuns keep kidnapped children?)

I think that was it for this episode. Since all of the scenes at the Jackson household were cut, it'll be interesting to see what they do with part 2 next week.

Yes, the fact that SciFi has to edit so much really stinks. I'm just grateful it's being aired here in the States!
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