Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Doctor Who Online have received information (courtesy of 2Entertain) regarding the next round of classic series Doctor Who DVD releases - and there's a couple of adventures that tie-in nicely to Miss Elisabeth Sladen's time on the show!

On June 16th a twin-pack containing "The Invisible Enemy" (K9's first ever story, from way back in 1977) and the first spin-off, 1981's "K9 and Company - A Girl's Best Friend" produced by John Nathan Turner, and starring Sarah Jane Smith alongside K9 - on modern day Earth! It's a forebearer to 2006's "School Reunion", and the subsequent "The Sarah Jane Adventures" series!

Special features include:

"The Invisible Enemy" - A commentary Louise Jameson, John Leeson, Mat Irvine and Bob Baker; 'Dreams and Fantasy' - a documentary looking back at the making of the story; Studio Sweepings - behind-the-scenes studio footage; Visual Effect - a look at the visual effects work on this and other stories; Blue Peter - an extract showing K9's first appearance on the famous children's magazine show; Optional CGI effects; Trailers / continuity announcements.

"K9 and Company" - A commentary with Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, Linda Polan and Eric Saward; 'The K9 Files' - a documentary looking at the making of this production; 'K9 - A Dog's Tale' - an interview with K9 about his life so far; Pebble Mill at One - K9 appears on the BBC1 lunchtime chat show; BBC trailers and continuity announements; PDF files of 'K9 Stories' - four books starring the dog originally published in the 1970s.

Both DVDs feature on-screen production notes, a photo galleries, a coming soon trailer, and PDF files of Radio Times billings.

"K9 Tales" is out on 16th June, with an RRP of around £19.99

Coming up on July 21st is "The Brain of Morbius" - an adventure from 1976, featuring Elisabeth Sladen opposite Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor. More news on the release when we get it.

This year's forthcoming releases:

5th May - "The Invasion of Time" (with K9)
16th June - "K9 Tales" ("The Invisible Enemy"/"K9 and Company")
21st July - "The Brain of Morbius" (with Sarah Jane Smith)
18th August - "The Trial of a Time Lord"
15th September - "Four to Doomsday"

Thanks to Doctor Who Online for the update. You can now talk to writer head writer of the SJA, Phil Ford ("Eye of the Gorgon", "The Lost Boy", Torchwood's "Something Borrowed") on the site's forum.
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