Friday, May 02, 2008

Sarah Jane in May...

SciFi's current schedule for SJA in May:
(all times Eastern)

Friday, May 2nd: 8:00pm: Eye of the Gorgon, part 2
Friday, May 2nd: 8:30pm: Warriors of Kudlak, part 1
Friday, May 9th: 8:00pm: Warriors of Kudlak, part 2
Friday, May 9th: 8:30pm: What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane?, part 1
Friday, May 16th: 8:00pm: What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane?, part 2
Friday, May 16th: 8:30pm: The Lost Boy, part 1
Friday, May 30th: 8:00pm: The Lost Boy, part 1
Friday, May 30th: 8:30pm: The Lost Boy, part 2

Note: There will be no Sarah Jane on May 23rd, due to Memorial Day weekend here in the States. SciFi always airs crazy movie marathons during holiday weekends.
Also, the first part of the Lost Boy will air again on May 30th in the 8pm timeslot. It is the only episode (other than Invasion of the Bane), that SciFi is showing twice during it's current run.

This weekend looks to be a crazy weekend for me, but I will try to have the edits up for tonight's episodes sometime before Monday!

Can't get enough Sarah Jane? Be sure to check out your local newsstands! The current issues of SciFi Magazine (June 2008, Volume 14, Issue 3) and Doctor Who Magazine (DWM #395) both have articles about our favorite heroine! (thanks, Gracielizzie, for the DWM tip!)
(Edit: I almost forgot!! Elisabeth Sladen will be on this week's Doctor Who Confidential for the Poison Sky!!!)
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