Monday, May 05, 2008

SciFi Edits, week 4, and a little something else

Before I get started with Friday's episodes-this week Yasmin Paige will be reading The Elves in the Shelves by Joan Aiken for BBC7's Big Toe Books (7:00-8:00am each morning) Unfortunately BBC7's daily schedule doesn't seem to indicate which day she will be on. Yasmin also read two other books by Joan Aiken- A Necklace of Raindrops and The Cat Sat on the Mat, which are available to listen to from the Big Toe site until Friday, May 9th.

Now onto Friday's cuts:
Eye of the Gorgon, part 2
Considering all the Jackson family scenes that were cut last week, I gotta hand it to SciFi-they managed to cut out even the smallest instances that would refer back to the cut scenes from part 1, so the viewer would wouldn't be left saying, 'Now where the heck did that come from?'

1. After the nuns leave Sarah Jane's house, Maria walks up to her dad and apologizes for yelling at him.

2. Just before Maria says 'Everything was fine before we moved here...', she says 'Mum was right about you'[Sarah Jane].

3. Snipped scene: Sarah Jane driving up to the abbey after dropping Maria off to talk with Bea.

4. Baaaad cut coming back from commercials to the scene with Maria and Bea. However, after thinking about it-I don't think anything was missing from the beginning of this scene-I also noticed that SciFi seemed to be having trouble coming back from commericals with Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica as well-the transitions weren't as smooth.

5. Chrissie discovers the statue of Alan in Sarah Jane's living room, and comes in through the window. She thinks Sarah has really lost it-she can't have the real thing, so she makes herself a statue! Chrissie then has a heart-to-heart talk with the "statue" of Alan-
'It's come down to this, has it?'
She says that she may not be the best mother in the world, but she does what she can. As she is leaving back through the window, the camera focuses on Alan's face, and you can see a single tear falling from his eye. *awwww....*

6. After Alan wakes up in Sarah Jane's garden, he heads back home, only to be confronted by Chrissie. He says he must have been really tired, because he went looking for Maria, sat down and fell asleep in Sarah Jane's garden (yes, he has forgotten what happened to him after the Gorgon turned him to stone). Maria comes running across the street from Sarah Jane's, and Chrissie says, 'Ah, look, it's another one of the missing Jacksons. Come with me, you will not believe what that crazy woman has in her living room-a statue of Dad!' She takes Maria by the hand and heads accross the street, Alan not far behind.

7. Luke and Clyde are in the living room doing their homework as Sarah Jane walks in with the Jacksons, claiming she has no idea what Chrissie could be talking about. Chrissie insists that there was a statue of "her Alan" right there in the middle of the room. Maria calmly tugs at her mother and tells her that she should come home with them. As they are leaving, Alan says, 'it's a shame really, I think I would look good as one of those Greek Statues' and does a mock pose as one*giggle* Maria tells him she likes him just the way he is. The scene ends with a shot of Sarah and the boys chuckling after them.

8. After the Jackson's return home, Maria is hugging Chrissie goodbye as Alan puts her bags in the cab. Chrissie tells Maria that she may not live under the same roof, but she still worries about her and wants to look out for her. Maria says she understands and will always be there for Chrissie, no matter what. Alan says the meter is running, and Chrissie gives Maria one last hug and kiss, then gets in the cab and waves goodbye from the back seat.

Warriors of Kudlak, part 1

1. In the beginning, just before 'I can't even begin to imagine what the last three days have been like...', Sarah Jane is looking around Lance's room while his mother is talking about him. She hands Sarah a picture of Lance and Sarah sits down on the bed next to her.

2. After running after Luke, Clyde meets up with him on the swings of a playground. Clyde refers to Lance as 'the corporal'again, and Luke tells him not to say it anymore-and that he didn't mean for it to be cruel. Clyde also apologizies to Luke for grassing on him, and Luke wants to know what 'grassing' means.

3. I think some of the scenes with the kids during their lazer tag game were either cut out or cut short. I think I may have mentioned this before-lots of running is fun to watch, but it doesn't hurt to cut some of it out if it means more of the story can be left in.

4. When Sarah Jane and Maria first walk up to the ticket counter at Combat 3000, the lady behind the counter begins her little monologue (with a very bored look on her face, I might add), 'Welcome to Combat 3000, the warriors of the future.' After Sarah and Maria leave, the next two in line walk up to the counter, the lady resumes the bored look on her face, and starts the speech over.

5. The beginning of Mr. Grantham's speech, explaining the 'new level, new arena' was snipped.

Those seem to be the only cuts I noticed in this episode, which seem rather small in numbers. I can't imagine that there was enough time saved in the cuts that I found, so if you happened to remember something I may have missed, please mention them in the comments!! Thanks!
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