Monday, May 05, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

Elisabeth Sladen appeared on Saturday night's edition of Doctor Who Confidential, talking about classic series monsters the Sontarans, who returned to the show for a special two parter this weekend just gone and the Saturday before, too. Sladen appeared alongside Sontar's finest in two 1970-era adventures, "The Time Warrior" and "The Sontaran Experiment".

A special Sontaran DVD boxset (containing the two aforementioned stories, plus "Invasion of Time" and "The Two Doctors") called "Bred For War" was released today. Order it now!

Talking of DVD releases, the BBFC has released classification details for the entire first series of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" - indicating that the show will receive a "Complete series one" boxset sometime in the near future! DigitalSpy's Tube Talk backs up this claim, stating that a SJA boxset is due September time, to tie in with the new series!

Series 2 has now entered production, according to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Filming is underway on production block one, which comprises of episodes 3/4 (Adventure Two - by Phil Ford) and 5/6 (Adventure Three - by Gareth Roberts).

Ford's adventure guest stars Bradley Walsh, whilst Russ Abbott appears in Robert's latest story.

Further cast details have emerged. A new family will be moving to Bannerman Road! Meet the Chandras! Headed up by mother Gita (Mina Anwar), father Haresh (Ace Bhatti) and - last but not least! - daughter Rani Chandra (played by newcomer Anjli Mohindra). The new cast members were chosen by casting director, Andy Pryor.

Congratulations guys, and welcome to the team!
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