Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Surprise Surprise

This little post of mine may well contain a number of spoilers regarding series two of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" - so if you don't wanna know, look away now!

Number one set reporter Scooty has heard a few rumblings that during the next 12 part run, David Tennant will be guest appearing as the Doctor. The actor will have already filmed his appearence if it is indeed going ahead, as Tennant is now on vacation ahead of his six month stint playing Hamlet for the RSC.

There's also been set sightings of the new Bannerman Road family, the Chandras. Initial set reports (back at the tail-end of April) believed that the vans marked "Rani" indicated a return of the female villainous Time Lord, played by Kate O'Mara. Following the release of the latest issue of DWM we're now aware that Rani is a human 14 year old girl!!

Various people believe that the Chandra family will replace Maria and the rest of the Jackson clan, who'll (if true) leave midway through the nest series...

More news when we get it.
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