Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 5 in the States

Week 5: We are now halfway through the first series here in the States! How are people liking the show? My coworker has a thirteen year old daughter who really loves the show (even with SciFi's edits!) She even sticks around afterwards for Doctor Who. Not only does Sarah Jane have a new fan, but the Doctor does as well! ;)

Anyone else know of any new SJ fans? Tell us your story! :)

Now onto last Friday's edits:

Warriors of Kudlak, part 2

1. After Sarah Jane and Maria escape from Kudlak and Mr. Grantham, they are seen running through the building, dodging the guards chasing after them. This scene was cut short-at one point Maria asks Sarah how she's doing, and Sarah responds, 'UNIT training-never forget it.' I've always had a good chuckle over this scene because in Robot she makes a point of telling Benton that she is, in fact, not a member of UNIT. LOL.

2. The scene between Maria and Sarah high-fiving over knocking Mr. Grantham out and the two of them getting to the transport was cut.

3. No first kiss for Luke! After Sarah and the kids come running out of Combat 3000, the girl (whose name escapes me at the moment) Luke and Clyde found first after escaping out of the crates on the spaceship, walks up to Luke, thanks him for saving their skins, and then gives him a kiss on the cheek. But wait! There's more! Then she says 'In fact,' and gives him a quick peck on the lips, leaving a very bewildered-looking Luke, and a very amused Sarah Jane, Maria and Clyde.

4. After Lance is returned home, safe and sound, the gang gets into the car and Luke is still looking rather perplexed.
Luke: "Clyde, you said I could ask you about anything, right?"
Clyde: "Encyclopedia Clydanica, at your service."
Luke: "Tell me about girls."
Clyde: "Oh, no."
Clyde puts his head in his hands, and Maria and Sarah Jane laugh as they drive off.

Lots of small edits here and there-just to shave a few seconds off. I think I got all the major points, but I'm at a disadvantage here-this was my least favorite episode of the first series, so I may not have been paying attention as much to detail this time around.

What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane?, part 1

1. The scenes with the gang at the park were cut short-most notably, the scene where Luke is trying out Clyde's skateboard and shows he has no sense of balance on one.

2. After Clyde heads home after telling Alan he was still too old to skateboard, Maria looks across the street and Sarah Jane waves her over. She tells her dad that she has to get a book that Luke borrowed from her.

3. Maria is initially working on the box Sarah Jane gave her before she was in bed. Her tv was on and her dad yelled at her to turn it off. I think she manages to figure out a bit before the scene cuts to the Trickster walking up to Sarah Jane's house.

4. After Maria comes back from 'Andrea's house', she tells Alan that there is a strange woman living in Sarah Jane's house. Her dad looks confused and asks who Sarah Jane is. Maria tries to convince him that he knows who Sarah and Luke are, and then realizes that she has proof in the photos she took the day before at the park.

5. After realizing the pictures with Sarah and Luke are gone, Maria runs back to Andrea's house, barges in and demands to know where they are and what she [Andrea] is doing in their house. She runs around the house looking for them, and then runs upstairs to the attic. As Andrea stares after her, Alan comes running in, asking Andrea if she's seen Maria, who was 'in a bit of a state.' Andrea says she just ran up the stairs, going on about something. (I feel this was rather a bad cut on SciFi's part-one minute she's in her room with her dad, trying to find pictures of Sarah Jane and Luke, and the next she's barging into Andrea's attic-causing the viewer to blink and say, "Huh? How'd she get there?")

6. The scene just before Alan helps Andrea hang up her birthday sign was cut: Alan and Andrea are walking across the street, and Andrea is looking over her shoulder.

7. I think SciFi was in a bit of a hurry to cut to the credits this week-the cut looked a bit rushed, and you don't have time to take in Maria's look of shock as she realizes she is meeting a thirteen year old Sarah Jane.

That's it for this week-as always, if you noticed I missed something, please feel free to mention it in the comments!

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