Monday, May 19, 2008

The home stretch...week 6 edits

We're nearing the end of the first season here in the States! (awww...)

What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane, part 2
1. It might be just me, but I think bits from the conversaton between Maria and the young Sarah Jane and Andrea were snipped out...

2. After the Graske snatches up Maria again, Sarah Jane and Andrea reach the gate to the pier- Sarah Jane turns around and notices that Maria has disappeared. She tells Andrea that Maria is gone, and Andrea shrugs it off. Sarah Jane says that Maria looked really scared, and that she kind of believed her. Andrea sniffs and basically says that Sarah will believe anything, like she believed the Trifids really existed (or something...)

3. After the first scenes with Sarah and Maria in limbo, it cuts back to a scene where the young Sarah Jane and Andrea first get onto the pier-they are running around and having a good time when Andrea runs to the edge and falls through the gate.

4. Sarah Jane asks the Trickster where Luke is. He tells her that Luke is more lost than she is. In the alternate timeline the Trickster created with Andrea, he turned the Bane away from Earth. She mentions the other alien invasions that she helped prevent-the Slitheen, the Gorgon...the Trickster said he prevented all of that from happening.

5. The scene where Clyde rides his skateboard up to Andrea's house for her party was snipped.

6. Clyde tries to change Andrea's music at the party. Andrea tells him to leave it alone, and he says 'but it's all 'old' stuff'. She tells him that it reminds her of her youth. (the song that was playing was "always something there to remind me...").

7. After Alan ties up the Graske, he asks him how to use the device to bring Maria back.

8. After Andrea discovers Sarah Jane in the attic mirror, she tells her that she always did look younger than her years. (How true, how very, very true!!)

9. Maria tells Andrea that she was meant to die. Andrea turns around angrily and says, 'Meant to die? Who says I was meant to die?!' Sarah says no one was meant to die, and that it was a stupid and pointless accident.

10. Sarah Jane, with tears in her eyes, begs Andrea to find Luke-she says he's lost somewhere out there in limbo, and she wants Andrea to find him so that he may live. (Awww...she really has gone all mumsy!)

The Lost Boy, part 1
1. Luke is sitting on the couch, reading a book with the tv on. Sarah Jane comes into the room, waving a bunch of papers around and says, "You know Luke, if the world is going to survive global warming, you have to give it a helping hand. Not to mention my electricity bill." (LOL, ahh, life at home with the Smiths).

2. Is it just me, or was Sarah Jane's goodbye to Luke in the house cut short?

3. The Chief Inspector looks at Sarah Jane's file-what you don't see is the picture that is attached to it. The picture is taken from the Monster of Peladon when she was in Aggedor's temple. This is another one of those incidents that make me did UNIT (her 'friends in high places') get a hold of a picture from Peladon? Who took the picture? I don't remember the Doctor having a camera... (yes, yes I know that was only a promo shot from MoP, but I can still have fun with it, can't I? ;) )

4. Luke...errr...I mean, Ashley's 'real' parents take him home and show him around-we find out Luke doesn't like football (soccer, for us here in the U.S.), but not only did Ashley love football, but played it as well. We also learn that Luke's not too fond of green peppers on his pizza, but Ashley was. He tells his 'parents' that he's not hungry, then asks to be excused to go to his room.

5. The beginning of the scene where Clyde and Maria are having lunch-Clyde says to Maria, "So we are just supposed to forget about Sarah Jane, Luke, and everything else?"

6. The beginning of Sarah Jane's tour of the Pharos Institute was snipped-when she first arrives, they are setting up the telekinetic test that she observes.

Special note: Last week I mentioned that they cut out the bit where Luke was unsuccessfully trying out Clyde's skateboard from the first part of What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane?-it showed he had no sense of balance. I felt that little bit could have been kept in, especially when SciFi left the following two scenes in this episode:
When Luke's fake mom says they gave him a skateboard:
Clyde: Good was he?
Fake Mom: Brilliant!

Later Clyde tells Maria that she saw Luke on a skateboard-he had no sense of balance (referring back to the scene that was cut from last week's episode.) Oh, well!

That's it for this week-as always, if you've notice something I missed, mention it in the comments!

Don't forget-there will be no new Sarah Jane this week on SciFi due to Memorial Day Weekend-Sarah Jane returns Friday, May 30th with both parts of the Lost Boy.
Have a great week!
*Edit* Remember #2 from the Lost Boy? I thought that Sarah Jane's goodbye to Luke was cut short. I believe at this point, Luke still insists that he doesn't remember his real parents-all he remembers is being created by the Bane, then meeting Maria, and then Sarah Jane. There were a few flashback scenes from Invaison of the Bane that were cut from the episode.
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