Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Battlin' the Daleks

I grew up watching Sarah Jane Smith. Yeah, I know, I wasn't there - not for the initial 1973/6 run anyways. But I caught the re-runs during the early 1990's, and my Dad bought every single VHS that was being released by the BBC. Though I watched the series out-of-order, in a very non-sequential manner, I still feel like I somehow 'own' the SJS era; more than any other era of the classic series, with the exception of maybe late Sylvester McCoy's (story I actually did grow up watching on television!)

It's one of the reasons why "School Reunion" had me, for want of a better expression, squee-ing so much; because here she was, Sarah Jane Smith, back on our screens in a brand new adventure. Brand new! And then they went and announced "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and, already writing Torchwood.tv at the time, I decided I just had to give something back and report on the development of this new series.

Just 'cos; It's Sarah Jane Smith, okay?

Now she's back again, in the latest Doctor Who adventure - "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End" - the finale to the show's fourth season. And I'm getting that feeling again, of growing anticipation and exciting, because she's coming back to our screens; not just in spin-off mood, but full-on meeting the Doctor, stepping inside the TARDIS (probably) and having adventures with the Time Lord mode again. Ooh, it's my childhood all over again!

Of course, the Daleks are back. Davros too! Torchwood will be there, so it'll be a postively packed threeway (hey you, Mr. Inneundo lover, watch it!). But most importantly, the old girl is back where she belongs, perhaps for the final time - but what a way to go!

Oh, and she has her name in the credits. Result!

"The Stolen Earth" arrives Saturday, 7:10pm on BBC One.
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