Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf.

The latest issue of Bad Wolf Magazine has hit some shops around the UK, suspiciously looking and reading like Doctor Who Magazine. It confirms that alongside Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) Thomas Knight and Alexander Armstrong will be appearing in this weekend's Doctor Who finale "The Stolen Earth", as Luke Smith and Mr. Smith respectively.

Russell T Davies previews the finale's two episodes (with also includes July 5th's "Journey's End") and says this, teasing us more than ever before:

"They're such good actors. I wouldn't insult them by giving them a couple of lines each. There's a danger that we talk about finales just in terms of explosions and stuff, but in the end it's about the characters and the actors. That's what people really come to watch."

Elisabeth Sladen is herself interviewed on the magazine's back page, in the "Who on Earth is...?" section. She reveals that (sadly) John Barrowman didn't expose himself around her, on indeed fart in her vicinity. "That's respect!" Sladen laughs. She goes on to talk about meeting Davros again, and reveals a sad secret...

"I think this is the last time I'll be here [on "Doctor Who"]. And I'm happy with that. You have to stop somewhere. And then I thought, well, I'd better enjoy these episodes. And I did. I had the most amazing time. It's been fun."

Next issue they'll be another interview with both Sladen and Thomas Kinght.

Finally, there's a further news report on the second series of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" - due to be broadcast on CBBC this Autumn. DWM reveals that Jocelyn Jee Esien (better known for her role in "Little Miss Jocelyn") will be introduced as Carla Langer, with Gary Beadle playing Paul Langer. They appear in a story by Joseph Lidster.

Producer Nikki Smith says: "They make an unbeatable combination! We see Clyde's family take centre stage for the first time. It's powerful and compelling stuff, and promises to be one of our strongest stories yet."

Graeme Harper will be heading on back to the Upper Boat studios to direct four new episodes of the series. "Graeme's practically a permanent member of the Upper Boat team," Smith continues, "As we welcome him back, straight from the climax to this year's Doctor Who. Graeme is loved by cast and crew alike - and by viewers too, I'd like to think - and he's got two exciting, heartbreaking stories to direct, with two writers at the top of their game."

More cast and crew news can be found on our exclusive series two guide - coming soon!

Doctor Who Magazine issue 397 is on sale from tomorrow, priced £3.99.
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