Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Lookin' Good Ma'am..."

Last night, Sarah Jane Smith returned to BBC One for her 21st appearence in Doctor Who (if we ignore the nonsensical "Dimensions in Time"; as well as her spin-off adventures) in part one of the two part fourth series finale, "The Stolen Earth".

This post contains SPOILERS about the episode!!

Elisabeth Sladen had her name in the show's opening credits - for the very first time! She appeared alongside Thomas Knight, who appears as her son Luke Smith in "The Sarah Jane Adventures". The episode explained the absense of Maria Jackson and her Dad, Alan (they were away in Cornwall) as well as Clyde Langer (safely at home... with his Mum!).

Alexander Armstrong reprised his role as the voice of Mr. Smith, Sarah Jane's super computer.

Sarah encounted the Daleks for the third time - following 1974's "Death to the Daleks" and the following season's "Genesis of the Daleks" (which also featured last night's returning evil genius, Davros). "Genesis" is available to buy on DVD now (via this page) or as a boxset with other Davros adventures (here).

During the course of the episode Sarah-Jane encountered two other former Doctor Who companions for the first time - Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman, who appeared throughout 2007) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman, who's played the role since 2005 and now stars in spin-off series "Torchwood"). Captain Jack introduced himself to Sarah, saying that he's followed her work for a long while - and then, being his flirty old self:

To Sarah, Jack: "Lookin' Good Ma'am"


The episode ends with Sarah seemingly being exterminated by the Daleks - but we know from the Blue Peter preview clip that she'll be back next week, aboard the Dalek Sphere!

"Journey's End" commences next Saturday, BBC One @ 6:40pm.

At 65 minutes long... it's quite the epic!
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