Monday, September 29, 2008

Clyde Causing Mayhem

You might have seen advertised after today's SJA broadcasts a trailer for a new, top notch BBCi game - dedicated to The Sarah Jane Adventures - that you can now play on the series' official website. It's called "Memory Mayhem" and features specially shot scenes with Daniel Anthony reprising his series regular role of Clyde Langer.
The story sees Clyde trapped inside a mysterious hospital, with no form of escape - unless you, the interactive player, take part in a series of missions each week that piece together the clues that could potentially lead to Clyde being freed, by whatever it is that's holding him captive!
The game can be played here - let us now what you think!
Meanwhile you catch up on Sarah Jane's latest exploits via BBC I-Player, although the pesky BBC have reserved access for viewers in the UK only. Sorry rest of the world, it's BBC 1 Global SJA 0 for now! We'll have news on if/when the new series is picked up around the world when it starts to trickle through to us over the coming months.
Enjoy the rest of the week my good fellows; Monday is a mere seven days away!
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