Monday, September 29, 2008

Here We Go (Again!)

Less than 90 minutes from now, here in the UK, the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures kicks off, as CBBC on BBC One show the first of twelve episodes (the second follows straight after on CBBC's own digital channel). The episode in question is called "The Last Sontaran" and - believe it or not! - features an old alien enemy that fans of Doctor Who will recognise. Three questions who that could be... Hmmm...

The Sontarans first appeared in the 1973 adventure "The Time Warrior", alongside Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor. That same adventure also introduced us viewers to a plunky young journalist, who's still on our screens to this day, with a huge fan following/appreciation - Sarah Jane Smith! Undercover as her own Aunt Lavina, Sarah was at UNIT HQ in an attempt to investigate a number of high profile disappearences; people kidnapped by lone Sontaran, Lynx!
Sarah Jane also encountered the Sontarans - this time with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor - in 1975's "The Sontaran Experiment".

The warrior-like aliens would return in two further adventures during the show's 1963-89 run - with 1978's "The Invasion of Time" (alongside K9 Mark I) and 1985's "The Two Doctors". All four 'classic' era adventures are collected together on this "Bred For War" DVD boxset.

More recently, the race returned for this year's "The Sontaran Strategm"/"The Poison Sky" two parter, battling the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). The set-up for "The Last Sontaran" appears to be a direct continuation of this story!

So, what else do we know about tonight's opening adventure? [SPOILERS] Well there's the set-up and subsequent pay off surrounding the departure of Maria Jackson. For Chrissie Jackson, there's the revelation of who Sarah Jane Smith really is... and then there's a lone Sontaran, trapped in the midst of Ealing - and out for revenge!

Let us know what you thought of the episode/s by writing a comment below - we'll use the best next week to preview the second episode ahead of its BBC One debut.

"The Last Sontaran" BBC One at 4:35pm, and 5:05pm on the CBBC Channel.
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