Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Magical Loft

This week's Radio Times (date marked 27th September - 3rd October) has a two page article covering the start of the new SJA series. Not only are we taken on tour of the attic set, but there's interviews with Elisabeth Sladen and Russell T Davies. BEWARE! The rest of this post contains a number of SPOILERS regarding the new series...

"We don't think of it as just a children's show," Says Sladen, in defence of her drama, "We tackle big issues - growing up, coming of age, relationships - but in a safe, supportive environment. Yes, there's evil, but good always wins, however scared you are."

The article confirms some of those 'evils'; foes we expect to watch out for during the course of the series - which include Anthony O'Donnells Sontaran Commander Kaagh, the return of the Trickster (last seen in "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?" and name checked in 'Who's "Turn Left") and a hint towards another familar foe - though the article doesnt't actually confirm it - the Bane.

Ever wondered why the production team chose to have an attic as the series main interior set? Well, here's your answer, courtesy of Mr Russell T of Davies! "Attics are the stuff of fairy tales. They're magical, secret places. Kids always seem to have fun creeping up to the top of the house - whereas going down to the cellar is terrifying. I wanted this attic to be Sarah Jane's safe, special haven, far away from the dull and ordinary world."

Well, there you go!

Mark Braxton reviews the opening episode of the "richly deserved second series" on page 68, and though it's a highlight of the day's broadcasting, Braxton confirms that he didn't receive a preview disc in time to offer a full review (most journalists were shown the second adventure, "Day of the Clown", instead as it introduces new girl Rani Chandra).

The current issue of the Radio Times, before you even think to ask, is out now priced £1.05!

Meanwhile this week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures, No. 83, features a look at "The Last Sontaran" - and comes with a very cool SJA poster! Next week expect an interview with Elisabeth Sladen, possibly in character as Sarah!

DWA issue 83 is out from tomorrow, priced £2.50. It includes a bizarre "Alice in Wonderland" styled comic strip, where Donna Noble watches as the world shrinks around her!
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