Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine - issue 401 - features farewell interviews with Yasmin Paige, Joseph Millson and Juliet Cowan, who collectively form... the Jacksons! The family departed from within The Sarah Jane Adventures earlier this series in "The Last Sontaran" adventure, and DWM reporter David Bailey was on set during their final days recording to capture all the memories, the tears that followed, and hopes for a HBO spin-off series Stateside!


"It is hard for [Maria]," Yasmin confesses, "But I think she wants to do what's best for her dad. I think she's not going to leave it behind, though, because Sarah Jane has convinced her that she's found something special. So, I don't think Maria will ever let it go. She's not that type of person anyway. She'll find her own way of still being a part of it in America..."

The reason behind the sudden Jackson-depatures? Yasmin, and exams (apparently...) - "I'm 16, I just left school. It was filming during the exams [the series, like most TV, was filmed out of sequence], and they couldn't really find a way round it, and I just thought it would be best. I'm going to miss everybody, but I left on a good note, and I'm really happy."

Hmmm... do we believe her?

Moving on, does Joseph think that Alan and daughter Maria's adventures have a shelf life beyond the confines of Bannerman Road, and will they miss the presence of Sarah Jane Smith in their lives? "Maria will, certainly," Joseph responds to the question, "I think, even though Alan is now in on it all, and he gets a kick out of it, he's terrified every time there's an adventure. Children have no fear, and Maria definitely doesn't seem to have any fear - but every time, Alan is like, 'We are going to die this time...' So, I think he's quite relieved to be leaving it all behind, in a way. But as we'll see, they carry on in America, he and Maria. There's going to be an HBO spin-off!" He jests. We think!

Finally, what say Miss Juliet Cowan on the family's early leave? "It's not resolved," She states, "I don't think there have been decisions made. I think it kind of feels like they're wandering off down a little pier. It doesn't feel like a resolution. Not to me it doesn't. [She sighs] It doesn't feel like the end of Chrissie and Alan and Maria. That's how it feels. It might end up that way, but... It's really sad. We've had such a good time, we've just loved it."

"We would have stayed for life," Joe Millson adds, "And we'll always come back if we have the chance." Amen to that, brother.

There's a chance to meet actors Joseph Millson and Juliet Cowan at a signing December 13th in Barking, organised by the lovely folks at Tenth Planet Events. More news on this exciting event when we get it - and, of course, Nabu San will be there too!

We'll be previewing the rest of this month's issue later this week - so keep an eye out for interviews with Gareth Roberts and Joseph Lidster, previewing their episodes "Secrets of the Stars", "The Mark of the Berserker" and "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith".

You can pick up DWM#401 from newsagents tomorrow, priced £3.99.

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