Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trio of Trouble

Daniel Anthony, Thomas Knight and Anjli Mohindra are all interviewed for the back page "Who On Earth Are..." feature of Doctor Who Magazine issue 401, out today across UK news stands. Talking seperately, the trio reveal some of the more...erm, 'extreme' Doctor Who fans out there, how upsetting it was having co-star Yasmin Paige leave the show, and - for Anjli - what it's like joining a show mid-series, playing a 15 year old (when she's actually 18 herself!) to boot!

Daniel, on fan mail: "I get a bit, biut mostly it's from 40-year-old men who just really love Doctor Who. I write back sometimes, but some of them are too strange. I know it sounds really bad. I got a letter from one guy who said that he dresses his kids up as Doctor Who. They don't like dressing up, but he makes them, and then he films them doing Doctor Who stuff."

Surely that's child abuse if ever I heard it?!

Tom next, talking about Yasmin's departure: "[I was] devestated. We were bricking it a bit. We didn't know if it'd be the same with a new character, but Anjli is just so lovely. It's not like she's replaced Yaz."

Well, technically, she has! Oops...

Anjli herself, on what she did after learning she'd been cast: "The next thing I did was take all the really bad photos of me off Facebook, in case any seven-year olds find my profile. Because we had role models when we were that age - you looked up to Britney [Spears], and suddenly there she was hanging out of a car, with everything on show, and it really disappoints you."

So, there you have it - don't expect to see Anjli hanging out of moving cars, or drunk and disorderly outside of grubby nightclubs any time soon!

The BBC staff bar, meanwhile*...

Elsewhere, there's an announcement of a collected graphic novel of recent Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) comic strip adventures, that emerged within the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. One of these comic adventures features the Sontarans, whilst another sees the Doctor reunited with Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. The collection, named after the "Betrothal of Sontar" strip, will be released sometime later this month, or early November.

The magazine also looks back on the recent return of villainous Davros [in "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End"] and looks back at his Doctor Who career so far, including his appearence in 1975's "Genesis of the Daleks" - alongside a young Miss Elisabeth Sladen!

Next month there's an interview with actor Nicholas Courtney ahead of his appearence in the SJA, and in "Liberty Hall" - the exclusive DVD only drama commissioned as part of the forthcoming Doctor Who - The Black Guardian Trilogy set.

In the meantime, Doctor Who Adventures magazine runs another interview with Lis Sladen in issue 89, out in a fortnight should one want to perchase it!

Doctor Who Magazine issue 401 is out now. The price? A mere £3.99!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear from Gareth Roberts and Joseph Lidster, regarding their up-and-coming SJA episodes...

*We're told that Anjli and Danny drink together once work has concluded for the day... but to make up for leaving 15 year old Thomas behind, the trio go out on the streets of Cardiff armed with a water pistol, causing all sorts of mayhem!
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