Monday, October 06, 2008

Second Helping of Sontar!

You wait a week, and two helpings of The Sarah Jane Adventures come along at once! For viewers watching on BBC One tonight there's another chance to see the second part of "The Last Sontaran" (which had its CBBC Channel debut this time last week) It's an episode that a number of viewers - and readers of this site - thought was somewhat...lacking in approach. Here's a selection of feedback we received seven days ago...

Nabu San: "Excellent opener, but still somewhat weaker than Season 1 in some respects. Good use of CGI and visual effects, but there was something...lacking. It can only get better, though! 4/5 overall :D"

Meanwhile, an anonymous reader wrote "Hmm, I love Sarah Jane, but I tohught this episode was too rushed. Not enough time for everything. It needed to be longer to accomodate everything like the emotional scenes, which I feel were cut too short. Though did love the episode and the fact [SPOILER - highlight!] Chrissy finally knows! Yay!"

Later on, once the first adventure has concluded on BBC One, viewers with Freeview and other digital platforms can watch the start of the second - "Day of the Clown", featuring Bradley Walsh - on the CBBC Channel. It begins at 5:15pm.

Don't forget also that the latest Doctor Who Adventures magazine (issue 84) features an interview with Elisabeth Sladen, and a chance to win a model K9! It's out in shops until Thursday.

Leave your thoughts and opinions on tonight's episodes, and - as ever - the best will be published as a preview next week. Result!

The Sarah Jane Adventures, airing on BBC One, Mondays at 4:35pm.
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