Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tommy & Danny: Divas

The SJA kids - Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony and new girl Anjli Mohindra - tonight appeared on BBC One's Blue Peter, to promote the new series. After a blink and you'll miss it interview (Anjli joked that the boys are divas on set!), the gang then took part in a fairly easy/fairly biased quiz. The boys won... Square root of 81, and all.

You can watch the episode over the next seven days on iPlayer. Sadly this feature is only available to licence paying viewers within the UK.

In other news, DigitalSpy has posted a number of hints and clues regarding the second episode of "Day of the Clown" that's due on screens next week on the CBBC Channel. Be warned! One of the spoilers happens to be a red herring, deliberately planted to put us off the scent! My advice? I'd say the hint about Aunt Lavinia is false...

Anyhoo... quick heads up that on Sunday October 19th they'll be a repeat of the long-postponed "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?" on BBC One. The episode was shunted (along with the proceeding adventure, "The Lost Boy") to make way for a Sunday afternoon Merlin re-run.

On the subject of series one adventures... American SJA fans, attention! The DVD boxset of the complete first series was released yesterday by Warners (unusually, ahead of its UK release) and can now be picked up online and in stores, so what are you waiting for? Get it now!

More news and updates when they reach us here in Sarah-Jane land!
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