Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Toys *Are* Back!

A while back we reported that Character Options may have ended their run of SJA toy figures - but today the company apparently confirmed that the range will continue (thanks to Doctor Who Toys.net for the info) with the following figures:

SJA Series 1 & 2 Maria Jackson Action Figure
SJA Series 1 & 2 Clyde Langer Action Figure
SJA Series 1 & 2 Luke Smith Action Figure
SJA Series 2 Rani Chandra Action Figure
SJA Series 2 Martin Trueman & Possessed Clyde Langer 2 Figure Pack
SJA Series 2 Paul Langer & Carla Langer (Clyde's Parents) 2 Figure Pack
SJA Series 1 & 2 Alan Jackson & Chrissie Jackson (Maria's Parents) 2 Figure Pack
SJA Series 2 Gita Chandra & Haresh Chandra (Rani's Parents) 2 Figure Pack
SJA Series 2 Ms. Wormwood & Commander Kaagh 2 Figure Pack
SJA Series 1 Andria Yates & Trickster 2 Figure Pack
SJA Series 2 Odd Bob The Clown & Elijah Spellman 2 Figure Pack

Great news, if true, I'm sure you'll agree!

Meanwhile yesterday (sorry about the lateness of this update!) saw the broadcast of part two of "Day of the Clown" on BBC One, with the first installment of "Secrets of the Stars" following afterwards on the CBBC Channel. All the episodes of the SJA can be viewed right now on the BBC's own iPlayer for folk living within the UK.

Here's a selection of comments that readers left last week regarding the finale of "...Clown":

Anonymous says, "Well "The Day of the Clown - Part 2" certainly does do a great job of coming across. Rani finally gets the truth and it seems she is to be a regulaur now and is very excited to learn Sarah Jane's secret! Very good acting skills from all of the cast in a very enjoyable episode. The only critism i would give is that the House of Mirrors scene were Sarah Jane is trapped in a "mirror horror" is not very good effectswise; but other then that a powerful enjoyable 9/10 episode!"

Who Cares adds, "Hmm some very strong points and some weaker ones. The ending being one of the weaker points. The principal idea was good but the execution was very lacklustre. They had something plausible and added something fantastic (note the sarcasm) for no good reason also shouldn't Rani save the day? Don't know what they were thinking on that one.

On to the good points. The scene about the reasoning behind Sarah's fear of clowns was extremely well done. It not only established why she was scared of them (which is a good thing because if we didn't believe she was terrified of them the whole episode would have fallen apart) but also sets things up for "the temptation" and above all it was just a really great scene between Luke and Sarah Jane containing character development for both characters.

I know mentioned this last week but Luke is really developing nicely. He's using his interpersonal relationship skills just fine in that scene. Only can't the kid get a break once in a while. The whole Luke getting taken from Sarah Jane deal is starting to get old really fast.

On a side-note these two episodes are the first time I've actually been annoyed by Clyde or like Finney said "You're problem is you don't know when to lay off." Well apparently whoever wrote this (Phil Ford) didn't know either. It kinda pays off at the end but it was still too much of the good thing... This time around."

Great stuff guys - keep those comments coming in!
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