Friday, December 05, 2008

He's a Survivor! (Not Gonna Give Up)

Every time I mention actor Joseph Millson on these pages, hearts suddenly go a-flutter. It seems the guy (who plays Alan Jackson on a now semi-regular basis) has a lot of admirers out there in fandom - and they're a dedicated bunch!! They're going to be pleased then by the announcement of Joseph guest starring in next Tuesday's episode of "Survivors".

Originally created by Terry Nation (the man behind the Daleks, Davros and...erm... the Voords) "Survivors" tells the tale of a worldwide pandemic, and those that manage to live through it, who are then forced to start their lives over. This 21st century reimagining shows on BBC One every Tuesday evening, and stars Julie Graham (Bonekickers) and Paterson Joseph - who could quite possibly be the Eleventh Doctor.

Joseph guests as character Jimmy Garland, who either seduces or is seduced by the group's leader, Julie. In a lake. As you do.

This fantastic Joseph Millson website has all the details.

You can also catch Joseph in an upcoming episode of insomnia-curing "Midsomer Murders".

"Survivors" airs Tuesday December 9th, BBC One @ 9pm.
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