Thursday, December 04, 2008

iPlayer Conundrum

Folk lucky enough to have the digital CBBC Channel on their tellys (and no work commitments to boot!) got the chance to watch the first installment of "Enemy of the Bane" last Monday evening; but for everybody else who doesn't and didn't the usual means of watching the episode streamed on BBC iPlayer is, this week, missing.

If you try and search for "Enemy of the Bane" (as of 2am GMT Thursday morning) you can select this page, where a warning kindly informs the viewer that the episode has yet to be uploaded, and isn't available to watch. However, in a odd twist of fate, Virgin Media customers have access to iPlayer also - and the video works for them!

So how can you watch the latest SJA episode, without resorting to BitTorrent sites? Well, the CBBC site has put the video up here, although you'll need to do two things to watch the video (and sanely!). Firstly, it's only available to watch via Firefox, which you might need to install to your computer. Secondly, there's insane background noise that'll play throughout - and ruin the viewing experience - unless you hit a lever in the top right hand corner and switch it off.

I'm afraid it's either that, wait for iPlayer to upload the episode (which probably won't be up until it's BBC One debut next Monday - hmmm, clever marketing ploy?) or indeed watch the episode as it shows live on terrestrial tv. But it's work the wait, IMO, as it's one of the best (if not the best) episode of the SJA's second series, and the only one that's come anywhere near capturing the tone and general sense of adventure that series one had to offer.

Just my two cents.
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