Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh No She Isn't!!

Elisabeth Sladen is in panto right now. That much we knew... or did we? I'm sorry to say that I've been a little slow covering this particular piece of news. For shame! It's Lis Sladen, after all; the one person the SJA are based around, and therefore the one person this site should be based around (hence the Sarah-Jane in, don't cha know) - and I completely missed the news!

Well, there you go, now you do know. She's appearing as Mrs. Darling in a new production of Peter Pan at Windsor's Theatre Royal, which runs from December 3rd (a whole seven days ago!!) to the 11th of January. The ticket box office is 01753 853888, or you can visit this lovely microsite for more information on how to book.

(And if the presence of Miss Lis Sladen isn't enough to park your bottom on a seat, the production also stars lots of soap- I mean, talented actors, like Jack Ellis and Christopher Parker. Also some bird off Five's Milkshake! programme and...erm... Gin the Dog. No, I haven't the foggiest, either!)

Also!! Good news for Mr. Smith, aka Alexander Armstrong, who's landed himself a second series of The Armstrong & Millar show (set for BBC One in Spring 2009). Alas, the good man didn't land the Countdown presenting gig like many had predicted/hoped...


*Repeats to one's self, "I am not the Countdown clock"...
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