Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Three Amigos

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine reports on the confirmation of The Sarah Jane Adventures series three, with a slight interview with creator Russell T Davies, who unveils the line-up for the show's next set of scripts...

"This really is the best news. Work has been underway for quite some time, in the hope of this commission, and the desks are already piled high with scripts. Phil Ford [head writer] is back at work on the series, joined once more by Gareth Roberts and Joe Lidster, with some new names to be announced in the New Year. Nikki Smith will be producing again, with Gary Russell as script editor."

He goes on to hint about what we can expect from the new series:

"There will be old monsters, new monsters, and a series finale that's already got me excite, before a single word is written!"

And what of Davies' level of involvement with this new series?

"They'll have to cope with my beady eye as well, the poor souls - I might be leaving Doctor Who, but not Sarah Jane!"

I received information last week stating that it's Davies' intention to write the two part series three finale (viewed by some as the series finale) - or to maybe co-write the adventure with Phil Ford; much like he co-wrote "Invasion of the Bane" with Gareth Roberts.

I'm also told that the team plan to use a Doctor Who monster - but it won't be the Slitheen or Sontarans. Hmmm... Autons? Adipose? Judoon? The Brigadier should be back, too, in much more of a "Grandfather" capacity (to Sarah-Jane's "Mother" role).

Elsewhere in DWM, there's an exclusive look at the forthcoming DVD release of "Battlefield" - a Seventh Doctor and Ace adventure from 1989 that guest stars Nicholas Courtney as retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The release comes out December 29th, and is extra special because it's directed by the SJA's Michael Kerrigan!

The results of the annual DWM season survey are in, also - and Doctor Who/Sarah Jane crossover "The Stolen Earth" & "Journey's End" scores very highly. To say how highly would spoil the surprise of you picking up DWM yourselves!!

Next month's issue will feature an interview with Nicholas Courtney, and a look behind the scenes of filming for the SJA series two finale "Enemy of the Bane". For now though, you can pick up Doctor Who Magazine issue 403 from all good newsagents and supermarkets, priced £3.99.

(And don't forget children's favourite Doctor Who Adventures, which has weekly posters, news and articles covering all aspects of the SJA, out every Thursday.)
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