Friday, February 13, 2009

I'd Like to Think We Got Ya the Job!

Well over a year ago I reported a story sent to me by a reliable source, that Clayton Hickman (former editor of Doctor Who Magazine) would be writing a script for the SJA's second series. Alas, it never came to pass - but I always believed there was a bit of truth in the rumours. Today, the official BBC Doctor Who site confirms the Red Nose Day mini episode, and comments that it'll be co-written by regular scribe Gareth Roberts and... what'd ya know? Clayton Hickman!

Whether this is a case of serendipity on our behalf, or whether the rumours of his involvement really were true (and he was lined up either to write this way back, or was supposed to write for the series proper and had to pull out at the last minute, getting this instead) remains to be seen.

It could even be possible that us linking his name with the series got the attention of producers! Haha, I wish we had that much influence in the SJA camp! More than likely given his past writing experience at DWM, for Big Finish audio productions and Doctor Who comic strips, old Rusty saw his potential and decided to tap it!

Anyhoo, spoilerific details of the mini adventure have been leaked. The story contains an "old enemy" (so help me God if it's the Graske! I mean... yawn!) and the return of much missed K9!

Beloved Ronnie Corbett guest stars in the episode, due to be screened as part of Comic Relief night on March 13th.

One month to go people!
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