Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grampa Slitheen

Thanks to the efforts of one reader I've been made aware of an interview that Ronnie Corbett conducted with the Daily Express newspaper, where the star reported the following about the upcoming SJA Comic Relief special, "They sent me the script and it really appealed, I play a bowler-hatted ambassador from outer space who visits Sarah Jane's attic. I'm beamed down in a bright green light and it's all very intriguing. We filmed it all in one very long and tiring day and K-9 was there along with the Slitheen. It was great fun."

Hmmm.... Corbett as an aged Slitheen, perhaps?!

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine talks to Russell T Davies about the special, where he says, "This was a real honour, because Comic Relief actually approached us to include The Sarah Jane Adventures in the night's celebrations!" He goes on to confirm that the mini-adventure was be directed by Joss Agnew and produced by Brian Minchin (presumably because regular producer Nikki Smith - here acting as Executive Producer - is busy over on Doctor Who's specials). It was filmed on my birthday, February 19th, at Upper Boat.

Meanwhile, during an interview with the magazine one of the special's writers, Gareth Roberts drops a hint as to an old Doctor Who villain who may, or may not, be making their way to Bannerman Road during this third series...

"The other Hand of Fear is still out there," He reckons, "And one day it will come knocking on Sarah Jane's door..."

On one of his series three script, Gareth has this to say: "I'm writing a series three story as we speak, and I keep having to pinch myself. It was an idea I offered up thinking that nobody would ever go for it. If you thought The Stolen Earth was mad... As I was writing the cliffhanger to the first part I thought 'Is this real, or is it all a drug-induced and electronic dream?' If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd be writing this scene, and it would be going out on BBC One, I'd have exploded into dust!"

DWM reveals the writers for the third series as:
Phil Ford (2x stories; 4x actual episodes)
Gareth Roberts (1x story; 2x actual episodes)
Joseph Lidster (1x story; 2x actual episodes)
Brian Dooley (1x story; 2x actual episodes)
Rupert Laight (1x story; 2x actual episodes)

Laight has wrote several of the SJA novelisations, whereas readers might know of Dooley's previous work on The Smoking Room and BBC Three's new hit Being Human.

For more Doctor Who goodness, check out Doctor Who Magazine issue 406, priced £3.99.
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