Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hands in Y'er Pockets!

This Red Nose Day is shaping up to be something rather magical, I think you'll agree. This time last week I was in Teddington, watching a very special Comic Relief episode of Harry Hill's TV Burp being filmed (it contains a Torchwood gag, yay!) and as well as that we've had celebrities climbing up mountains, and hundreds of thousands of envitable fancy dress parties organised before the week is out.

But forget about all that, because the highlight of the evening - for me - is watching the SJA team in action, in a special mini episode guest starring Ronnie Corbett. There's a special 15 second clip from the episode available to view on the Red Nose Day website, or via the official Sarah Jane BBCi page

Only a couple of days to go, now. Don't forget to donate to the programme (guest hosted by the incredible David Tennant) and do your bit for the charity, by whatever means you can.


In other news, the first image of the new K9 model from Channel Ten's K9 spin-off series has been released. Click here
to view the metal mutt in full!

Finally, I know there's been rumblings on the internet about a certain high profile actress (*cough cough* Anna Friel) appearing on the show during the third series, but so far as I can see, these rumblings are nothing more than rumour. At the moment. And that's the key thing to remember here; nothing is fact until the BBC or DWM have announced it as such.
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