Monday, April 13, 2009

He Comes a-Knocking

Did you know that over eight million people watched the latest Doctor Who special this Easter weekend? The episode - "Planet of the Dead" - was written by Russell T Davies together with Gareth Roberts, and the pair have a certain history. After all, their previous team effort was "Invasion of the Bane" which acted as a pilot of sorts for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Since then Gareth Roberts has gone on to write a good number of SJA stories - including fan favourite "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?", which was directed by one Graeme Harper.

Harper returns to the director's chair for the next Doctor Who special, which will likely air Saturday 31st October. Or, if you prefer/are stupid enough not to know already, Halloween. It'll be titled "The Waters of Mars" and guest stars the great Lindsey Duncan alongside David Tennant. Better still, it's by Russell T Davies once again - this time paired with Head Writer for the SJA, Phil Ford. Hooray!!

You can catch a repeat of "Planet of the Dead" today on BBC One and BBC HD at 5pm.

The trailer for "The Waters of Mars" can be located at the official BBCi page. As you can see, it looks ever-so chilling. The enemy in it are known only as the Flood... What they have planned for the Mars station they're invading, and David's Doctor, remains to be seen.
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