Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Telly Addicts

Whoa! It's a busy few weeks for the cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures, as they make a number of guest appearences on some of your favourite television shows.

First up Juliet Cowan appears as a social worker on the 21st April showing of Shameless - Channel 4's Manchester based dramedy that revolves around the fictional working class Chatsworth estate. You know, the show that used to be pretty good when James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff were in it..? (It's actually quite good again now, actually, as the writers seem to have rediscovered the secrets of hard hitting drama).

[Juliet also appeared in the seventh episode of Skins series three - which is available to buy on DVD now.]

Next, the brilliant Joseph Millson appears on the second episode of BBC One's Ashes to Ashes. He plays Doctor Battleford, and here's how the BBC Press Office describes the episode and his role in it:

DCI Gene Hunt, DI Alex Drake, DS Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton are in hot pursuit of major car thief Jed Wicklow as the new series of the police drama set in the Eighties continues. Gene is determined to catch Wicklow, but the thief's driving becomes more erratic and the chase ends in tragedy.

Gene stands accused of death by dangerous driving. However, Alex is adamant there was something wrong with Jed at the wheel and sets out to prove the crash wasn't Gene's fault.
Jed was a Romany and tensions are running high when his community discover what's happened. A volunteer, Dr Battleford, tries to diffuse the situation but Gene is instantly suspicious of his motives.

The post mortem shows a high level of sedatives in Jed's system. Now dealing with a murder investigation, Gene and the team return to the Romany camp, where they uncover a large quantity of sleeping pills.

As the investigation takes a new direction, Gene is invited by Supermac into the inner sanctum of the ancient order of the Masons. Gene soon realises how deep the corruption runs, but will he succumb? Alex suspects that the only man she trusts in this world may have gone rotten, but could Gene just be playing a careful game?

Alex is still receiving messages about the future from a mysterious, haunting stranger, who appears to be offering her a way home. However, Alex can't help but wonder if he really is the key to getting back to the future.

DCI Gene Hunt is played by Philip Glenister, DI Alex Drake by Keeley Hawes, DS Ray Carling by Dean Andrews, DC Chris Skelton by Marshall Lancaster, Dr Battleford by Joseph Millson and Supermac by Roger Allam.

That's on Monday April 27th @ 9pm, BBC One.

Next up, Sky One broadcast an adaptation of Terry Prachett's Skellig this easter weekend, which co-starred Alexander Armstrong (the voice of Sarah-Jane's sometimes faithful Mr. Smith). No doubt it'll be repeated across the week - and every Christmas and Easter from here until eternity. Oh, and then there's the inevitable DVD release too!

Finally, the fourth series of ITV's Peak Practice - dating back to 1996 - is available at last on DVD. The series is notable for the sole reason that it features Elisabeth Sladen in a four episode arc as Doctor Pat Hewland. It's the first time that the episodes have been released in any format.
Happy television viewing folks!

Remember, if you hear about any of the SJA gang showing up on TV then drop us an email at the usual address to keep us in the loop.
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