Monday, April 20, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Well, here we go again as filming begins on the third season of The Sarah Jane Adventures today! There's been numerous rumours of what happens during this run of stories, but truth be told nobody has known anything for sure. Now all that changes! Remember last year when fans spotted Nicholas Courtney on set? Or the Gorgon set reports from series one? Who knows what fans will spot during this year's round of filming... doesn't have the best reputation as far as set reporting goes. It's hard because we don't have access to Cardiff, so rely solely upon what we read online. Even then it's a little unfair of us to just cut and paste set reports from the likes of the Doctor Who Forum (for example) because they're by other people and we have no right to just steal their writings.

However, as long term readers of the site might know, it means that the blog falls behind on the latest goings on during filming (luckily we catch up again afterwards! :P ) so to stop that from happening, I'm asking you the reader to send in any location reports that you might have directly to the site via this email address.

Help us to spoil you!

Good luck to the cast and crew over the next four months as they embark on what may potentially be their last round of adventures with Miss Sarah Jane Smith!


Apparently a Cardiff based production team set up base at Toys 'R Us yesterday evening. They're there for either Doctor Who (likely) or the SJA (even more likely).

That comes direct from the Doctor Who set report team over on twitter.
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