Sunday, May 31, 2009

From the land Down Under

Whoa! It's only taken 12 years stuck in development hell, but now at last the producers of the K9 spin-off series have found enough money to make the series they've dreamt up. The series filmed its 26 part (!) first series between 3rd December 2008 and 8th May 2009, according to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

Made as a co-production between Disney's Jetix channel and Australia's own Network Ten, the series is aimed at 8-12 year olds and described as "a blend of The X Files and Men in Black, with a touch of Ghostbusters".

The cast list includes:

Keegan Joyce, 19 (playing 'Starkey' - "a 14 year old orphan rebel in a slightly-dystopian future London, whose flight from the police leads him to the mysterious old Victorian mansion.")

Philippa Coulthard, 16 (appearing as 'Jorjie Turner' - "another 14 year old who's teamed up with Starkey for the sake of adventure.")

Robyn Moore ('Inspector June Turner, Jorjie's mother, who "heads up the Alien Threat section of the Department, a shadowy security/police organisation.")

Robert Moloney ('Professor Gryffen' - who is "experimenting with some unearthed alien technology, a Space-Time Manipulator.")

Daniel Webber, 20 ('Darius Pike' - Gryffen's 15 year old streetwise assistant.)

The series has been created by Bob Baker and Paul Mark Tams, and features scripts from other writers including Jim Noble, Shayne Krause and Shane Alexander. Series script editors are Anthony Morris and Graeme Farmer, with Vicki Madden being script producer.

Producers are Richard Stewart & Penny Wall (Australia) and Simon Barnes (of Park Entertainment, UK). Grant Bradley & Jim Howell executive produce, and Baker/Tam act as associate producers.

Rather interestingly, the series features a cameo by the original Mark I model of K9 (last seen in Doctor Who's "The Invasion of Time") before the metal mutt is then destroyed and completely rebuilt from scratch. It means this show is an official continuation/spin-off from the Doctor Who mythology (after years of trying to distance itself from the show).

It should debut early 2010.

More news as and when it comes in!
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